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Ultimate 2 day, 3 day & Private Digital Photography Workshop
For people who want to become artistic professional photographers or perhaps just want to get better as a photographer. !ere is a new opportunity right here in Miami, Florida! If you are looking for photography schools, photography workshops, or photography seminars in Miami Beach, do not look any further. The ultimate 2 and 3 day Digital Photography Workshop will be taking place thru out the year.

Book a 2 or 3 Day Workshop and Bring a Buddy for Free!

This Digital Photography Workshop in Miami is targeting people who do not want to spend months learning how to shoot with studio lighting and location lighting, and those who truly desire to learn to see photographically. The ultimate 2 and 3 day Digital Photography Workshop in Miami is highly-recommended because it will teach you required studio and location skills that will surely help you to become a better photographer.

The Digital Photography Workshops have a limited amount of space so book now!
For information on upcoming workshops and dates go to www.howardaustinfeld.com or contact Howard at 305-632-4638 or email at howardaustinfeld@gmail.com.
Howard Austin Feld is the mastermind behind this new 2 and 3 day Digital Photography Workshop in Miami. Howard promises a very intense non-stop learning experience. Assisted by a team of professional experts, he will teach you everything from basic camera use to advanced lighting. Students will be working for 3 days at Howard’s indoors studio and outdoor locations. Participants of this Digital Photography Workshop in Miami, Florida will learn how to capture fresh and responsive photographs and how to use a wide variety of lenses and lighting. Howard will guide you through the steps to creating your own portfolio. He will also teach you his very own trademark style, Pixelimpressionism. You will learn how to photograph models, in studio and on location, HDR Photography, retouching and learn new ways to produce unforgettable images. Most important of all, you will become a better photographer or your tuition will be refunded.

About Howard Austin Feld:
In 1980 Howard opened Miami premier international catalogue studio. His studio has been located in Miami for over 30 years. Howard Austin Feld’s work is pretty diverse. In fact, he has photographed just about everything you can imagine. Furthermore, Howard Austin Feld is a successful photographer that gets high fees for his images of products, fashion, and travel. As this was not enough, his artwork has appeared in thousands of advertisements and magazines. Nowadays, Howard has a very successful photography E-gallery in one of the hottest spots of South Beach and after many years has decided it was time to share his love, knowledge, and techniques for Fine Art Photography.

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