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Miami car rentals provide a wide variety of the best and most beautiful exotic vehicles available to be taken around town. These exotic cars provide everything from style to comfort. Some of the convertibles available at Miami car rentals include Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lamborghinis, and Ferrari among many others.

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Exotic car rentals in Miami offer convertible cars which are perfect for feeling the Miami sun and wind in your face while crossing the McArthur Expressway. These type of cars are very common in Miami since they are not only featured in many movies, but also favor the tropical setting of the city.

In these authentic sport cars, you can explore the beautiful landscape and enjoy the starry nights allowing you to fully enjoy every aspect of the beauty of Miami and its beaches.

Sedan Luxury Cars

Miami car rentals also offer a great variety of the classiest sedan cars. Sedan luxury cars share a unique elegance that radiates as you stroll through the streets. These equally cause a head-turning reaction as they are often very exclusive and uncommon in the streets.

Miami is the best city to model this vehicle during any vacation as it attracts much of the attention giving you the first-class treatment anyone would want to enjoy.

Sport Cars & Coupés

Coupés perfectly fit into the description of an exotic car: high speed and weights little which takes it from 0 to 100 miles per hour within seconds.

The awesome performance of any Coupé will make your live your dream vacation in Miami.


With a powerful engine and more space, SUVs are exotic cars available in all Miami car rentals. These big vehicles provide with more space for the comfort and satisfaction of all the guests and big groups. These are also ideal for big families that come to vacation in Miami.

Like all exotic cars, they are meant to be showed off and taken out across the city to the hottest spots in Miami Beach.

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