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Posted on 11.16.09
The Versace Mansion has been one of Miami’s most photographed landmark buildings. The Versace Mansion property was purchased by an entrepreneur in 2000 for $19 million. The goal was to transform the majestic mansion into a private VIP club with a gourmet restaurant and a hip club. The innovative concept failed to impress. The owner, Mr. Loftin, modified his original concept by opening it up to the general public, offering a few hotel rooms and a restaurant as Miami attractions.  Casa Casuarina became a popular place among Miami attractions where trendy events were held for Miami’s VIP. In hopes of more profit, The Versace Mansion decided to host public tours.

This summer, Mr. Loftin entered an agreement with an unknown individual to help him re-launch the Miami attractions Casa Casuarina; in the end, Loftin decided to close the Miami attractions establishment until he can find the right solution to put The Versace Mansion back on the map.  Tourists can always stay in one of the many Miami Beach hotels or in Miami Beach holiday rentals villas or apartments.

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