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Boat lovers should invest in a very good quality high frequency FM radio to stay safe while navigating. In general, there are marine operators in many areas located on specified channels that will make sure that each call is answered on time. A working marine VHF radio on board is a requirement and could be a life saver for all boat owners. Even if you rented a boat through one of the Miami boat rentals, you must have this in mind since you are not free of possible inconveniences.

If you have a emergency radio on your boat, your love ones and yourself are going to be more secure. Overall, you can guarantee that your time on the Miami waters will be surely great. With a working radio on board you can call for medical help, rescue help or to call the police. All Miami boat rentals should make sure that their boats have emergency radio; however, you must check the radio before every trip. It does not matter how close the trip could be.

Radio conversations should be serious and be short; consequently, it should not be used for gossiping and discussions. Radio conversations can not exceed 3 minutes. Florida yacht charters must give these indications to all its clients. There are more than 100 channels on your VHF radio, yet the most important are the following:

1. Channel 16 (156.8 MHz)

The channel 16 is the most important one; it is THE DISTRESS, SAFETY AND CALLING FREQUENCY, monitored by coast guards. Usually, all boats stay tuned on channel 16th to assist if an emergency is nearby.

2. Channel 22A (157.1 MHz)
The Channel 22A is the primary working channel of the Coast Guard. It is used for communications between the Coast Guard and the maritime public. Weather warnings, hazards to navigation, and other maritime safety warnings are broadcast on it.

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