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The house of Vizcaya is in all visit lists of guided tours in Miami. It is truly a wonderful quick visit on the way either to Key Biscayne or Coconut Grove. We offer Key Biscayne Vacation Rentals for tourists that needs a comfortable place to stay.

This mansion is unusual among the great country houses in the US. It could be compared to an European palace for its beauty and dimension. This mansion was built at the time when millionaires of the beginning of the 20 th century wanted to put their imprint and leave a legacy to generations to follow. They started to build palatial mansions, strongly inspired by the European architecture, mostly Italian and French.

This palace was created by several "minds" that worked together and came up with Vizcaya. One of the more interesting aspect was that it was built by 3 young inexperienced but yet talented individuals, a failed painter, an art scholar and a young architect. The client, James Deering the son of the founder of the Deering company, devoted his energy to bring this landmark up. He first purchased 130 acres of land from the Brickell family. He then orchestrated the creation and the construction of his dream palace. The house was built right on the water bordering the Biscayne Bay. The design of the house and of its gardens and décor is definitely of Italian inspiration. The house was finished in 1916 and by design looked already old.

We will let you discover this gem by yourself; we hope that this little introduction will stimulate your curiosity. Enjoy the visit you will love it !

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
3251 South Miami Avenue
Miami, Florida 33129
Ph: 305-250-9133
Fax: 305-285-2004

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