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Gisele Bundchen was at Karu & Y and Set on Thursday, March 29th. The rumors about her pregnancy of boyfriend Tom Brady were put to rest because she showed everybody present her amazing Victoria’s Secret body.

Also at Set, on March 29th, actress Michelle Rodriguez was partying and having an excellent time. The actress was also seen at the beach more precisely in South Beach with her girlfriend. And later she was spotted at Scoop buying a new bathing suit.

Famous singer Ashanti was seen checking in at the Delano on Thursday, March 29th, after a long day of shopping.

Ryan Cabrera and his girlfriend Riley Keough, Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter, were at Sagamore on March 22dn. Ryan Cabrera for those who do not know used to date singer Ashley Simpson.

On Friday 23rd, Erick Roth, Black Eyed Peas drummer, performed at the Giant Step party at the Delano.

The tennis player Andy Roddick was spotted at The Forge on Wednesday night. Sony Ericcson Open tennis players’ Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova, were seen at Shore Club on Wednesday, March 28th.

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