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The Rainbow Flag has long been a symbol of pride and solidarity within the gay and lesbian community. It was designed almost 30 years ago by a San Francisco artist named Gilbert Baker. Composed of the 6 colors of the rainbow, it is a familiar sight at many events in the City of Miami.

The colors of the flag have an even richer (and longer) history within the Miami gay community. The use of green dates all the way back to the Victorian England, while purple only came into use during the 1960s. One of these symbols even dates back to Nazi Germany. During Hitler’s reign, he used a pink triangle to identify those who were homosexual. During the 80s, it came back into popular use.

There is much more to these colors, though. The Gay Flag’s creator meant them to symbolize various things including healing, spirit and harmony. The colors also represent more tangible things such as nature and art.

The gay flag is most prominently displayed at the 12th Street Beach, although it is also placed in stores and used during events such as the White Party and Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Some areas also display the pink triangle outside their doors to indicate that it is a friendly and comfortable place for the members of the community to gather without fear of discrimination. South Beach is at the center of these places and the community at large.

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