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Little Havana is situated west of Brickel Avenue, and was created by immigrants from Cuba. It is said to be like a little replica of Cuban life. As you walk the streets of Little Havana, the smells, the music, the signs in Spanish, will bring you to the Cuban experience. There are fruit stands, smells of sugar cane juice, cigar factories, cafeterias selling Cuban coffee, and people sitting around and discussing politics. It’s all very authentic.

The central street in Little Havana, Southwest Eight Street, is known as Calle Ocho, and is the central hubbub. The Bay of Pigs Monument is an interesting historical site that honors the heroes of the 1961 invasion of Cuba.

There are also popular cultural events such as Calle Ocho, the celebration of Hispanic American culture, music, food and dance in March. If you enjoy art, and would like to see work from Cuban artists, there are art galleries open all year, as well as studios and theatres.

On ‘Cultural Friday’ every month on the last Friday called, Viernes Culturales, there are three different venues of open artists studios with shuttle buses to take you from one to the other. A good place to eat, if you would like to sample authentic Cuban Cuisine, is El Esquito on Calle Ocho. For those of you who would like to experience Cuba in a nutshell, Little Havana is the place.


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