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Posted on Wednesday, 04.15.2009

Returning to the US  -  Bahamas vacation rentals

After 9/11, it became more difficult and complicated to clear customs when returning to the US from the Bahamas. Boaters used to be able to go to the Bahamas for the day and would not need to clear Customs in the Bahamas nor when returning to the US. Nowadays, the scrutiny is much higher with homeland security, Coast Guards and other law enforcement authorities making sure that Miami’s waters and air are safe.

All boats should clear US Customs when returning to the US in Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Requirements are tougher for non US residents they will need to clear Customs in a general aviation facility or in a port facility for which you will find a contact list hereunder. We strongly suggest clearing Customs in Aviation facilities when returning to the US. It is definitely easier and less time consuming.

US residents can make an appointment at one of the ports of entry before they leave, appear in person and pre-register. Upon returning to the US from a nice trip in the Bahamas, preregistered US residents can then call the office where they pre-registered and the clear US Customs over the phone.

Port Facilities:
•    Key West 305-296-2233
•    Miami 305-536-4758
•    Port Everglades 954-761-2000
•    Palm Beach 561-848-6922
General Aviation Facilities:
•    Miami 305-526-7155
•    Tamiami 305-969-7511
•    Ft Lauderdale 954-356-7412 or 954-356-7946
•    West Palm Beach 561-233-1083
•    Ft Pierce 772-461-1733
•    Ft Myers 239-561-6205
Check with Miami Charter specialists for up to date information and the latest changes of regulations. Search for Bahamas vacation rentals for the best match for you. Bahamas vacation rentals are affordable, spacious and private.

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