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Posted on Wednesday, 08.12.2009

Casa Casuarina Miami Beach - Miami Versace Mansion Transformation

Gianni Versace’s home, also know as Casa Casuarina, was sold after the iconic designer was killed in 1997. The Versace Mansion was one of the prime Miami Beach real estate properties and one of the most photographed landmarks in Miami.

After Versace’s death, the mansion was bought in 2000 by the telecommunication magnate Peter Loftin who planned to transform it into one of the most exclusive membership-based luxury clubs.  Casa Casuarina was purchased for a hefty $19 million followed by additional substantial amounts invested for the Versace Mansion transformation.  Membership was sold to a select few for $35,000. A membership granted access to a restaurant and private lounge. The public could not access the Miami Beach luxury home.

Casa Casuarina Miami Beach has a total of 20,000 square feet. A gourmet restaurant and a luxury boutique hotel with 10 exclusive rooms were added in the Versace Mansion transformation.

The Miami Versace Mansion transformation concept did not catch on as well as planned and changes had to be made, particularly when the crisis hit South Florida.  In 2008, management decided to open the Mansion for tours for Miami Beach visitors and the restaurants started to accept paying customers, even if they were not members.

Casa Casuarina Miami Beach stayed profitable thanks to catering and rental income. Casa Casuarina is one of the most popular spots for special events as Miami events planners cherished this location for its magic.  

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