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Posted on Wednesday, 08.12.2009

Casa Casuarina Miami - Miami Beach Mansion
What was formerly known as the Gianni Versace mansion, the most exclusive address on Miami Beach, will be partly transformed into a night club.  The Miami Beach mansion was built in the 1930’s when mansions were abundant in Miami Beach. Miami Beach mansions on Collins started to dwindle slowly to make way for a new trend of large Miami Beach hotels in the 40’s and 50’s including the Fontainebleau and the Eden Roc. Casa Casuarina, the Versace Mansion, is the only Miami Beach mansion left on the beaches of Miami Beach.

Casa Casuarina just changed hands and the new operator has a new plan for the Miami Beach mansion. The exclusive membership club was not the success that it was expected to be and the crisis made it even worse. Operators were forced to do things differently in order to survive.

The new concept for Casa Casuarina is to be semi-private and semi-public. Tony Bova, a new chef, is already onboard. Parts of the Miami Beach mansion will remain private and others will be opened to the general public. The new restaurant and club are expected to be pricey as an experience in the most luxury Miami Beach home is rather unique.

Towards the end of the evenings, guests will have access to a new, trendy Miami Beach nightclub.  Casa Casuarina will undoubtedly bring the already-buzzing nightlife to higher levels.  Entry to one of the most legendary spots in Miami Beach will motivate customers and make this venture a success.

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The Versace Mansion Closes its Doors
Mr. Loftin, owner of the Versace Mansion, decided to close the Miami attractions establishment until he can find the right solution to put The Versace Mansion back on the map.

Miami Versace Mansion Transformation

Gianni Versace’s home, also know as Casa Casuarina, was sold after the iconic designer was killed in 1997...

Miami Versace Mansion Tour

As part of the transformation of the Miami Beach Versace Mansion, the legendary Casa Casuarina is opening to the public for private tours.

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