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Miami is a favorite place for celebrities, and most of the rich and famous choose Miami as a place to live, or to have a great time. Since Miami, Florida is an international center for culture fashion and music, it attracts famous people from all over the globe. All the biggest stars own houses in this glamorous city, and our Miami guide provides you with the latest celebrities pics and awesome photos of Miami Florida. Whenever in Miami, you will be likely to see Miami celebrities either at the beach, or just walking around in the city. They usually get easily lost among the residents and the tourists. Our photos of Miami Florida feature models eating in chic Miami Beach restaurants, and actors or singers going out to trendy South Beach night clubs. Our Miami celebrities photo gallery gathers pics and pieces of updated info of where and when the stars and the famous like to hang out.

Since Madonna and Sylvester Stallone launched Miami as a trendy place in the early 90s, Miami celebrities have been growing in numbers. We have pics of all the famous in Miami. Once you browse them and see how much of a good time they have in Miami, you will be ready for the next flight to South Florida.

Miami Celebrities Photos
Find Miami Florida Photos of celebrities in Miami. Enjoy our selection of celebrity pictures...

Miami Celebrity Houses
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