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Posted on Sunday, 3.21.2010

Medical tourism Miami- Miami Hospitals


Medical tourism Miami these days has a whole new meaning. We used to associate the term with uninsured Americans flying to places like Thailand or India for cheap medical surgeries. This trend still continues however, experts say that a majority of the medical tourism Miami travelers are moastyly international patients headed to the states and places like South Florida to see doctors at Miami hospitals.  They also say the number of international patients coming to Miami are growing rapidly as is their need for medical accommodations Miami.


According to consulting firm McKinsey & Co, an estimated 40% of all medical tourism Miami travelers are not concerned with cost or destination but about finding the most sophisticated technologies. Place like South Florida and its advanced Miami hospitals  are seeing much more of these international patients. Medical tourism tiami travelers are loosely defined as only those whose purpose of travel is to acquire in-patient medical treatment in a foreign country. This puts the total number of international patients at 60,000 to 85,000 per year.

Are U.S. and Miami Hospitals Worth The Trip?

Most of those international patients are headed to Miami hospitals and cities with advanced medical technology, including: 38% from Latin America, 35% from the Middle East, 16% from Europe and 7% from Canada. An estimated 32% of all medical tourism Miami ravelers simply want better care than what is available to them in their home countries and 15% want quicker access to medically necessary procedures. Only 9% of medical tourism travelers are actually looking for medically necessary procedures at lower prices and 4% want low cost optional procedures.
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