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Posted on Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Miami has a mix of residents from various different backgrounds and countries. Each person feels most comfortable dealing with other people in their native language. Fortunately, there is an office where you can find French-Speaking doctors in Miami. Explain your symptoms and concerns in detail with the French-Speaking doctors in Miami at La Clinique Soleil. La Clinique Soleil is an urgent care center where you may go for minor emergencies and be treated by outpatient services. You can walk in anytime, 7-days a week, and experience a short waiting time; no appointment is necessary. The clinic with French-Speaking doctors in Miami accepts most insurance plans and co-pays are lower than those you would pay in other emergency rooms. These French-Speaking doctors in Miami also speak English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. You will feel most comfortable when you and your doctor understand each other easily and comfortably. For information, call 954-342-8800, email or visit The clinic is located at 750 South Federal Highway in Hollywood, FL.


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