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Since exotic rentals in Miami are unique, luxurious and often very expensive, the rental agreement is not standard as it abides to its own rules that are usually more stringent than traditionals Miami car rentals. Exotic car rental agencies in Miami need to be reassured that their vehicles are taken care of properly by the renter. Rental agencies usually have specific requirements as far as age limits, driver curriculum, insurance, damage deposit etc.

Renting and driving an exotic car rental in Miami is fun and exciting but caution should be exercised otherwise it could end up in a very costly entertainment. Rental agency should need to know who the potential renter is as they need to gather information before accepting to rent a vehicle. It is common that they require a rental application to be filled with the purpose of verifying that the potential renter satisfies the requirements of a good driver. The agency might in certain cases, pull a consumer credit report to verify the data provided by the potential renter. A processing fee is often levied at the beginning of the process by the rental agency to cover the cost related to the driver rental application. A thorough examination of the rental agreement is strongly advised.

A minimum of 21 years of age is usually required in order to rent a car in Miami. The driver should also have a clean driving record.

Exotic car rental companies often require that all renters carry their own liability and physical damage policies. They also must check with their insurers that coverage is provided for the vehicle being rented. Insurance can also be purchased.

Foreign nationals should bring their passport as well as a valid driving license.

Delivery of the vehicle can be arranged to make the experience of renters even more pleasant and preserve the "lifestyle."

- Agencies also require a damage deposit to cover damages that could occur to the vehicle, it could be done through a credit card authorization or a refundable cashier's check. The amount of the deposit varies according to value of the vehicle.

- Some agencies also may charge a cancellation fee.

- Most agencies include also a driving area restrictions, vehicle usually cannot leave the state of Florida without getting the prior written approval of the company, which may or may not be granted.

- Like most traditional Miami car rentals, the renter is responsible for all traffic and parking tickets.

- Mileage is usually restricted to a minimum daily and weekly, each additional mile will be charged at a stated mileage rate. Rates vary according to the actual exotic car rented.  |  Liens  |  Nous Contacter  |  Notre Societe  | 
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