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Posted on Thursday, 03.12.2009

Jews and Miami Beach - History of Miami Beach
The Jewish community is a significant force behind the development of Miami Beach. Jewish figures participated in making Miami Beach what it is today. They helped build the city with several well-known real estate developers and created important businesses in the history of Miami Beach and South Florida.

Novack, Muffson, Lapidus and Capitan were amongst just a few of the important Jewish names in the development and history of Miami Beach. Even though the Jewish community was not welcomed to begin with, the history of Miami Beach was created by rich WASP industrialists such as Carl Fisher, Collins or the Firestone’s.

They gradually contributed to the development of Miami Beach and thereafter were accepted within the community. Up until the 1940’s, anti-Semitism was overt and prevalent in the history of Miami Beach. No beach club or golf club accepted Jewish members up until the 60’s.  Jews and Miami Beach coexisted from 5th street and below in South Beach. Hotels displayed discriminatory signs saying things such as “No Pets, No Kids and No Hebrew Religions Tolerated.”  

By 1949 the City of Miami Beach banned such signs. By the 60’s, 90% of all tourists coming to Miami Beach were Jewish. Jews and Miami Beach became a package deal when the Jewish community began to make up a large portion of full-time residents. Even today, Miami Beach’s strong Jewish social life continuously attracted Jews from all over the world. An estimated 600,000 Jews live in the greater Miami area. Find a number of comfortable and affordable Miami Beach vacation rentals or Miami Beach hotels near some of Miami Beach’s prominent Jewish communities.  |  Liens  |  Nous Contacter  |  Notre Societe  | 
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