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Posted on Wednesday, 12.31.2008
Most of us are familiar with smart phones, also known as handheld devices with a QWERTY keyboard and the Miami gadget of the week. Phones with classic keypads and half-QWERTY keyboards are a thing of the past and not ideal for someone trying to function at a professional level from their phone.
The latest smart phones now offer even more extras such as working applications like Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android. On the down side, the Miami gadget of the week may crash often due to unstable software. However, the  smart phones are definitely convenient for those of us who need to be accessible at all times.

Smart phones are ideal for business travelers because they offer and office to go. Smart phones fit in the Miami Lifestyle perfectly! Go from a business meeting or convention, to a lunch in a Miami restaurant or a quick walk in the beautiful beaches of South Beach. All that with your office in your hands. 

HTC Touch Pro from Sprint

  • 480x6402.8” LCD Screen
  • Results in clear web pages and videos and crisp text
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Video-out Option
  • Use the phone as a projector and present PowerPoint or other applications through a TV
  • $300

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

  • 3-inch touch screen
  • 800x480 color screen
  • Dual cameras
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • Slide-out QWERTY
  • Radio
  • Handwriting recognition

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Imagine yourself walking through Lincoln Road Mall or Ocean Drive with a smart phone providing you with all possible resources to keep in touch with your employees, clients or even your love ones.  Miami lifestyle is all about luxury and relaxation and a smart phone surely will give you access to both. If you are planning to come to Miami, you should keep in mind that you can make your Miami hotel or Miami Beach vacation rental reservations online using your phone.  |  Liens  |  Nous Contacter  |  Notre Societe  | 
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