Accueil | Juillet 21, 2024

The city of Miami hosted one of the most important events of the year this week. The Police reunion tour visited our town on July 10th. Tuesday night, the Dolphin Stadium along with 44,000 people witnessed the most anticipated The Police’s concert. It was a sell out concert from the beginning and fans called an historic reunion because the band hasn’t played live since 1984. Besides, The Police Miami event was the first major stadium concert in Miami Florida in ten years.

Members of the group are remarkably well preserved and played with more precision than they did 25 years ago. Singer and bassist Sting and guitarist Andy Summers played to the left and the right of the stage, just as they had nearly 24 years ago at the Orange Bowl, while Stewart Copeland's drum kit took center stage. This Miami event included 19 hit sons of the band from the 80’s.

The opening was in charged of Maroon 5 who played briefly but lively on Tuesday night at Dolphin Stadium. Leading singer Adam Levine's soulful voice gave to the audience some of the group latest hits. If you are a Maroon 5’s fan do not miss their Miami concert in October.

The Police’s leader singer Sting and wife Trudy Styler where spotted around the city of Miami after the big concert. They had dinner at the Blue Door, where they ate green salads since they are public vegetarians. Also at the Blue Door that night, John Stamos, Beach Boy and former Full House star. The Beach Boys were also performing in Miami this week.

After having dinner at Blue Door, Sting and wife went to Mokai for the Favela Chic Party where they meet with the rest of the band.

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