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May, 2007
The primary goal of the Miami Police is to improve the quality of life in each service area through the coordination and enhancement of municipal services. It is also important to assisting residents in finding avenues that will aid them in becoming home owners, for example, introducing them to economic development organizations.
Collaboration between the Miami Police Department and neighborhood teams have proven successful in reducing crime and improving the quality of life in each community.

This Miami Police website,, provides a mechanism to communicate with local citizens of the events and happenings of each neighborhood.
Miami Police offers several programs in pro to improve the quality of life of Miami’s residents. One of these programs is the victims advocate program.
The Victim Advocate Program primary goal is to provide personalized, professional immediate and long-term assistance to any person who has suffered, directly or indirectly, a physical, emotional, or personal loss as a result of a criminal act. This assistance includes notifying victims of their specific legal rights and victim’s compensation benefits. The Victim Advocate Program has become an integral element of the comprehensive services provided to the resident and visitors of the City of Miami. The Program complements the efforts of the Miami Police Department in reducing crime and enhancing the quality of life in our community by providing immediate and long term assistance to the victims and survivors of crime.

Another program is violent crime compensation in which Florida law designates a Victims Compensation Trust Fund to assist victims of violent personal crimes to pay for stipulated expenses they incur as a result of the crime.

The Miami Police Department subdivides the city into three patrol district: North, Central and South. Although the management processes and traditional policing methodologies are similar throughout all three districts, the individual districts are extremely unique due to the communities they serve.

• The Patrol North District is responsible for policing the communities of Model City, Little Haiti and Upper East Side.
• The Patrol Central District is dedicates their patrol mission in Allapattah, Wynwood/Edgewater, Overtown and Downtown.
• The operating area for the Patrol South District is Flagami, Little Havana, Coral Way, and Coconut Grove.

The Miami Beach Police is also part of the Miami Police Department; however, it has its own structure and officials. The Miami Beach department main building is located on 1100 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Phone: (305) 673-7900
For Emergencies ONLY: 9-1-1
Hate Crime Hotline: 305-604-2110
Non-Emergency requests: 305-673-7900
To Contact Individual Employees: 305-673-7776

Miami Beach Police’s contact information:

Main Police Station:

1100 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, Fl. 33139

North District Police Sub-Station:

6840 Indian Creek Drive
Miami Beach, Fl. 33139

Marine Patrol Office:

1790 Purdy Avenue
Miami Beach, Fl. 33139


Chief's Office

(305) 673-7925

(305) 673-7065

Internal Affairs

(305) 673-7920

(305) 673-7976

Media Relations

(305) 673-7383

(305) 673-7065

Planning and Research

(305) 673-7925

(305) 673-7065

Criminal Investigations Div.

(305) 673-7945

(305) 673-7864

Crime Scene Unit

(305) 673-7982

(305) 673-7864

Patrol Division

(305) 673-7933

(305) 673-7864

Accident Investigation

(305) 673-7888

(305) 673-7867

Crime Prevention

(305) 673-7813

(305) 673-7867

Marine Patrol

(305) 673-7959

(305) 673-7867

North Sub-Station

(305) 993-2060

(305) 993-2066

RCC (Report Control Center)

(305) 673-7860

(305) 673-7867

Support Services Division

(305) 673-7952

(305) 673-7854


(305) 673-7909

(305) 673-7854

Court Liasion

(305) 545-5559

(305) 545-5885


(305) 673-7823

(305) 673-7854

Personnel Resources

(305) 673-7430

(305) 673-7854

Property Management

(305) 673-7960

(305) 673-7924

Training Section

(305) 673-7884

(305) 673-7854

Technical Services Division

(305) 673-7880

(305) 673-7675


(305) 673-7990

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