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Explore the Florida Keys from Miami to the Southern points of Florida. See the unique and sunny beaches along the roads of Florida. Stop at the living oldest town in Florida, the town of San Agustin with its gorgeous historic houses and buildings. Visit the premier destination among bikers in Florida, Daytona Beach City where every year the Daytona Bike Week Festival takes place. Explore South Beach and Miami Beach's beaches, which provide an ideal setting for a variety of movies and TV shows like Miami Vice and CSI Miami.

There is too much to see in Florida and Miami, and most important of all you can see it riding your bike. If you want a challenging ride that requires endurance to cover lengthy distances each day, you can just get on your bike a ride from Miami to the northern point of the state. Moreover, this tour allows you to enjoy the camaraderie of a small group as you travel across the state, always respectful of the beautiful and delicate environment.

In Miami and Florida, there are many motorcycle rentals for locals and visitors interested into rent a bike. There are also various concierge companies in Miami that can take car of all the renting process for you. Also, you can be sure there are going to be many accommodations along the road in case you want to spend the night.  However, for people who like to plan in advance you can make your hotel reservation online. Enjoy your Miami vacation!

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