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Posted on Wednesday, 02.25.2009

Car Accident in Miami, Driving in Miami

What to do if you get in an accident in Miami.

We strongly suggest that vacationers in Miami be very careful when driving in Miami.  When renting a car, vacationers should always purchase full insurance or pay with a premium business credit card that provides similar benefits incase they have a car accident in Miami.  Health care in Miami can be very costly. If you are injured from a car accident in Miami, it will likely cost a lot so be sure to have the best coverage possible. Additionally, if you are responsible for the injury of another person you may be liable to pay a large sum of money.

In the unfortunate case that this happens, you would be much better off and well protected by adequate insurance coverage. Take the time to talk to your car rental agency in Miami and ask questions about driving in Miami. If you have a car accident in Miami, stop where your car was hit, don't move your car and call the police by dialing 911. 

An emergency vehicle will be there to assist you in a matter of minutes. If you need to move your car, take a picture of the cars involved before moving it. The police will assist you in reporting the car accident in Miami. If you have a car accident in Miami while driving on a highway you will need to move your vehicle to the extreme right or extreme left lane and wait for the police to come. Be careful driving in Miami, stay out of trouble and enjoy your vacation in Miami.

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