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Posted on Tuesday, 02.17.2009
Miami Traffic Lawyers - Driving rules in Miami, Miami city guide
Driving in Miami is not as bad as some may say. If you drove to Miami or are renting a car in Miami, read our articles on the profile of Miami drivers in the Miami city guide. Drivers will see a lot of police officers enforcing laws and driving rules in Miami.
Consequences of traffic violations or driving rules in Miami can be minor or frighteningly steep depending on the gravity of the infraction. Consequences can vary depending on whether you are a US resident or a tourist. As mentioned in our Miami city guide, many tourists from outside countries can often get off without much trouble from the police when caught for a minor infraction of driving rules in Miami. US residents or those planning to become a US resident need to be extra careful to follow driving rules in Miami which may result in points on your driver’s license or an increased insurance rate.

In Miami you can dispute your violations or fines with the help of a specialized lawyer. There is a good chance you can be let off the hook if you hire the right Miami traffic lawyer. The police officer that penalized you will need to attend a hearing during which your case will be tried.
In most cases, the officer does not show up and the case is then dismissed. Traffic lawyers attempt to find loopholes and technicalities to get you out of trouble. There are many good Miami traffic lawyers and rates may be a few hundred dollars. To avoid the predicament, read our Miami city guide, respect the law and driving rules in Miami so you can avoid problems and enjoy your Miami holidays and vacation rentals in Miami

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