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The city of Miami is busy all year round hosting an extensive variety of Miami events, festivals, fairs, conventions and free things to do in Miami. You can be sure that you will not be bored since our cosmopolitan city is full of Miami attractions and Miami events. Even when every year new Miami events are included to the list of things to do in Miami, there are some of them that have become regulars taking place every year. Most of these happenings are highly anticipated because they have become important international Miami events attracting people for around the world.

Miami-Info.com wants to give all its readers a little bit of the history of the most important Florida festivals and Florida fairs taking place in Miami. Here you can find general information that will introduce to you the purpose of each annual festival.
If you are planning to attend any of our featured Miami Florida Festivals, you probably would need accommodations. In Miami, there many lodging options from afffordable Motels in Miami and Miami romantic hotels, to modern Miami Beach vacation rentals.

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Art Basel Miami
Art Basel, the International art show in Miami Beach, Florida.

Miami International Wine Fair
The Miami International Wine Fair has been going strong for 6 years now. Each year, it benefits a cause that almost anyone can feel good about: The American Red Cross.

Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival
In South Beach, there is an antique jewelry show, fine South Beach hotels, top-notch restaurants and more. For those visitors, there is something else to look forward to each year: The South Beach Food and Wine Fe

Miami International Book Fair
The Miami Book Fair International truly lives up to its name, featuring authors from all over the world.

South Beach Art Deco Weekend
The South Beach Art Deco weekend is an annual Florida festival that features the best is music, art and more associated with this old style.

Miami Ultra Music Festival
Ultra Music festival is an annual event featuring only the best in Techno and Eletronica music.

Miami Carnival

Miami Carnival is a one day event that brings some amazing entertainment and great sights to residents and travelers.

Miami International Film Festival
The Miami International Film Festival is still going strong, and the cultural diversity of the city has made it a perfect showcase for film makers from around the world.

Miami Brazilian Film Festival
Imagine sitting on one of the beautiful Miami Beaches watching some great independent film making. It is possible if you add the Brazilian Film Festival of Miami to your list of things to see.

Miami Bang Music Festival
One of the big events in Miami, the Bang Music Festival, gives music fans the chance to see many of their favorites all on one bill!

International Ballet Festival of Miami
This Florida festival is considered one the most successful festivals of its kind. It features dancers from some of the greatest ballet companies in the world doing what they do best.

Florida Fair: Arteamericas
This Florida fair celebrates the best in Latin American art, while at the same time giving visitors a glimpse into Latin culture.

Daytona Bike Week
Ever since 1937, this Florida festival has entertained and thrilled visitors with a wide variety of activities.

Miami-Dade County Fair
Of all the Florida festivals held every year, none are as anticipated as the Miami-Dade County Fair.

Miami Calle Ocho Festival
Calle Ocho is the biggest of all Miami events. It is also the most popular among the Latin community.

Art Miami
Art Miami has been going strong for two decades now and shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Coconut Grove Arts Festival
The festival is an outdoor event that lasts 3 days and is a must-add stop for any visitor who loves the fine arts.

South Beach Comedy Festival
Coming to the South Beach Comedy Festival gives you a chance to laugh until you cry, which is a great way to unwind and recharge.

Miami HaitianFest

This annual Florida festival is dedicated to celebrating the city’s considerable Haitian community.

Miami International Map Fair

This two-day Florida festival is one of the more unique Miami events held each year and is sure to be a great educational experience. &l

Miami Short Film Festival

This Florida festival is all about celebrating the art of film making and partners with several different places to ensure that it will continue to do so for many years to come...

Miami Mad Hatter Arts Festival

This annual Miami event is a great way to expose your children to a love of art without breaking the bank, something any traveler on a budget can appreciate.

Miami Ramble-A Garden Festival

Like so many of the events that call the City of Miami home, Ramble- A Garden Festival has grown a lot since it began in 1941.

Miami Ozzfest
Music festivals are a huge part of the Miami events calendar each year, and no music festival is bigger than Miami Ozzfest...

Miami Children’s Museum Film Festival
The Florida festival is part of a program at the Children’s Museum that allows budding film makers to learn how to make their own movies.

Miami Israel Film Festival
Over 20 films are featured screenings each year, with many others making their debut at the festival.

If you are planning a trip to Miami, and still have no hotel reservations, a
Miami Mango Festival
This is a large Miami event featuring many locally grown species of the tropical fruit, making it one of the more unique Florida festivals.

Miami/Bahamas Goombay Festival
The Bahamas Goombay Festival is an entertaining event for the whole family. It will not only teach them about another culture while having fun, it is also a place to meet new and interesting people.

Miami Florida Dance Festival
This Florida festival is home to great performances as well as Miami workshops and other such activities.

Coral Gables Wine and Food Festival
This Florida Festival is a good time that benefits a great cause...

Miami Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival
There are Miami events that celebrate the Asian culture as well as the contributions they have made to our community. One of these is the Miami Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival.

Miami American Black Film Festival
The American Black Film Festival festival celebrates the very best in Independent films make by the African American community.

Miami Afro Cuban Dance Festival
The annual Florida festival is a chance for residents and visitors to learn more about the Cuban people and their traditions and folklore.

Miami Sport and Fitness Festival
This annual Miami event is held on one of Florida’s most popular areas: Miami beach. Visitors to the Florida festival will be able to tone up while having a great time.

South Florida Dragon Boat Festival
The Festival is organized by the United Chinese Association of Florida. It is a non-profit organization that has been in existence since 2003.

Miami Italian Film Festival
As with any Florida Festival, be ready for a great time. The Italian Film Festival is home to many parties at some of the more high-profile Miami clubs.

Coral Gables Oktoberfest
It is a wild party that is widely anticipated each year.

Miami International Song Festival
The Miami festival visits the artistic city of Miami annually in July and participants can begin submitting their songs as early as the August of the year before...

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