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Posted on Wednesday, 02.25.2009

How to Behave when Pulled Over by the Police - Driving in Miami, Miami Guide
How to behave when pulled over by the police for driving violations in Miami?
Aside from keeping the city and its neighborhood’s safe, Miami police officers also need to make sure that traffic regulations are respected. Visitors driving in Miami should know that when a police officer asks drivers to stop, the driver must comply immediately. There are different customs and ways of dealing with this situation that vary between countries. The Miami guide suggests you forget everything you learned somewhere else and start from scratch. Our Miami guide will give you the first tip: When being pulled over, stop immediately. Stay in your vehicle and keep your hands on the steering wheel as you wait calmly for the officer to arrive at your window. If you look in your rearview mirror, you may see the officer carefully approaching you with his hand close to his gun. Do not get scared, it is just standard procedure.

  • Wait calmly and do not get out of your vehicle unless told to
  • Don't be aggressive. Express yourself calmly and with respect. Do not hesitate to call him "officer"
  • Keep a low and apologetic tone at all times
  • Accept the fines and documents he gives you. If you don't agree, you don't have to sign them
  • Do not attempt to give him money. Corruption is not acceptable in Florida and you will end up in jail


Once the officer lets you go, you may hire a traffic lawyer that will contest your fines and violations. Whether the violation from driving in Miami is correct or not, if the lawyer is good you have a good chance to break free from the violation. Maybe you can even use the Miami guide to find a good lawyer in the area. On average, violators will pay the lawyer about $100 if they win and will not get points on their driver’s license or increased insurance rates. If you lose, there will be points on your license and you will pay legal fees and the fine. Of course, if you are not from the US, you will not be impacted by points on your driver’s license. If you intend to come back to the US as a resident we strongly suggest that you pay any fines you may have from driving in Miami or it may be held against.
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