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Travel through South Beach from another angle and watch the Miami aerial views videos outlining the beautiful beaches of South Beach and the architecture found in the southern part of the island.

South Beach from the air brings together very interesting perspectives. Its few high rise buildings mainly located on the west side are representative of the city’s contemporary and exclusive recent building construction. The historic buildings have been renovated yet they still maintain the unique style of the Art Deco District which is emblematic to South Beach. It attracts tourists from all around the world who wish to enjoy every aspect of the city as well as its popular oceanfront hotels, gourmet restaurants, night clubs, and other Miami attractions.

Visiting South Beach through free online videos of Miami allows you to see the numerous streets which run east-west, starting with First Street. It is possible to see some of its principal Roads and Avenues running north-south, including Ocean Drive where people gather to enjoy the laid-back and relaxing beach ambience. When choosing accommodations in Miami Beach, Miami vacation rentals are a great option as they are greatly located near the heart of the city and feature comfort and privacy to the guests.

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