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Posted on Wednesday, 08.19.2009

Celebrities Before and After - Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery

Everyone worships stars and thinks they are perfect. Some may be more attractive than the average person (and is therefore famous) but most have the help of top-shelf make-up artists, Photoshop and world-class celebrity cosmetic surgery.
Celebrity cosmetic surgery is huge in Hollywood. This video shows several celebrities before and after plastic surgery gone wrong, stars without makeup and Photoshopped stars.


Some celebrities before and after examples of celebrity cosmetic surgery gone wrong include Mickey Rourke, Melanie Griffith, Tara Reid, Michael Jackson and most of all, Jocelyn Wildenstein.

Some of the celebrities before and after makeup in this video include Alicia Silverstone, Christina Aguilera, Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore, Liv Tyler, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani. Some of these celebrities look beautiful al natural; some…not so much.


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