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Miami Exxxotica 2008, Convenciones en Miami
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If you thought Miami was all about the family-friendly events, think again. In 2008 there is one Miami event that is strictly for the adults: Miami Exxxotica. This Miami event is all about serving those with more exotic tastes. The 2008 event is scheduled to take place from April 18th through the 20th. The hours for the Festival will be 4-11PM on Friday, Noon-11PM on Saturday and Noon to 7PM on Sunday. That gives guests more than enough time to see everything.

Guests at Miami Exxxotica will be treated to performances, seminars and also get the chance to see some of the biggest names in adult entertainment. Some of the people who will be exhibiting in 2008 include Miami Playground, Pimpin Wear, The X Factor and Venture Enterprises. A full list of those exhibiting can be seen at

The Miami event is currently booking acts and seminar speakers, so many of the plans for 2008 have not yet been finalized. Be sure to visit the site linked above to keep up with all the latest as it is announced. There will also be many after hours parties held during the event, so there is plenty to see and do here. It is sure to be an experience you will not soon forget.

The 2008 edition Miami Exxxotica will be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, located at 1901 Convention Center Drive in Miami Beach. You can contact the venue at (305) 673-7311.

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From April 18th through the 20th



Miami Beach

1901 Convention Center Drive
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