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Tea & Coffee World Cup Americas, Convenciones en Miami
Inicio | Abril 21, 2024 | « Subscipcion al boletin informativo » |    

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Being Miami the crossroads of the Latin and North American market, it allows the participation of quality exhibitors. Also, the city of Miami is home of a great Miami events venue the Miami beach Convention Center which is located near the best Miami Beach hotels, Miami vacation rentals , South Beach restaurants and of course Miami night clubs. Moreover, the Miami Beach Convention Center is only minutes away from the Miami International Airport and the fun and excitement of the Art Deco and South Beach Districts. For all that, the only complete Miami Tea & Coffee exhibition will take place in Miami Florida and feature all segments of the industry from green coffee growers, industrial roasters and tea packers to specialty distribution and retail segments of the industry. In addition, the Miami exhibition will feature: suppliers of equipment, machinery, supplies, and services; manufacturers of coffee and tea products; and international importers, exporters of raw product, industrial and specialty roasting as well as restaurant, hotel and coffee bar chains.

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January 9th to the 11th



Miami Beach

Miami Beach Convention Center

1901 Convention Center Dr.
Miami Beach, FL, 33139.  |  Intercambio de Vinculos  |  Contactenos  |  Nosotros  |  Publique con Nosotros
Directorio de Negocios en Miami
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