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Posted on Tuesday, 04.07.2009

Miami Beach hostels - South Beach hostels

The origin of the term Hostel is an old French term that was originally used in lieu of hotels. The term ‘Hostel’ originated from the Latin root ‘Hospit’.
A very long time ago, the French used the word ‘hostel’ to describe lodging provided for travelers staying over a span of a few days.

As a result, we know have Miami Beach hostels and South Beach hostels. The old French language evolved and with it, the word ‘hostel’ became ‘hotel’.
Some hostels, called “auberges de Jeunesse,” are still in operation today in France. Somehow, we still have what we call Miami Beach hostels and South Beach hostels.  |  Intercambio de Vínculos  |  Contáctenos  |  Nosotros  | 
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