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Bissaleh restaurante kosher Miami, restaurantes en Miami
Inicio | Mayo 18, 2024 | « Subscipcion al boletin informativo » |    
Bissaleh Miami kosher restaurant located at 17608 Collins Avenue is a great kosher option in Sunny Isles Miami. Bissaleh, which means “little bit” in Yiddish, is a wonderful choice. They serve dairy, fish, and more. They also feature strict rabbinical supervision, so you can dine with confidence.  Bissaleh Cafe has the best Israeli dairy food like malawach, ftut, and borekas, not to mention the house specialty, bissaleh, as well as a great selection of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, outside of yutveta in Israel... with a very fancy but comfortable setting Bissaleh is definitely worth the trip. Not open on shabat.

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17608 Collins Avenue
North Miami Beach, 33160

Rango de precios

Type of Food

Sunny Isles

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