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8oz Restaurant, Restaurantes en Miami
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Posted on Tuesday, 04.07.2009

8oz Miami Beach restaurant - Miami Beach restaurants

Just this year, Miami Beach introduced locals and visitors to the 8oz Miami Beach restaurant, a spacious unpretentious Miami Beach restaurant that serves a variety of American dishes. The tables are spaciously spread out within the comfortable environment to provide privacy for customers. Take your pick from an outdoor terrace on the sidewalk or the comfortable bar where guests can unwind with a drink.  The 8oz Miami Beach restaurant menu offers all kinds of delicious burgers as well as lighter dishes such as chicken and salads. The chef of this laid-back Miami Beach restaurant takes pride in saying that he uses local and organic produce as well as organic hormone-free meats raised in a free environment.

Service is good and pricing is average at about $20 for a full meal. Although the 8oz Miami Beach restaurant opened in 2009, it already has plenty of fans - is one of them.

1080 Alton Road
Miami Beach 33139
305 397 82 46

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