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Oceanwalk Mall, Tiendas y Compras en Miami
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Miami Shopping Malls, Shopping in Miami Florida - Oceanwalk Mall

One of the most beautiful Miami shopping malls, Oceanwalk mall is located in the city of Hollywood, between Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach. This is the only Miami shopping mall located directly on the ocean and it is also next to the famous Hollywood Boardwalk.

You will definitely find what you are looking for whether it is about shopping in Miami or finding a nice place to eat.

You can use the valet parking service or the parking garages located at the South end of the property.

Oceanwalk Mall's Stores:

  • Annette Work Producitons
  • Beach Divas
  • Better Health Here
  • The Bike Shake
  • Burkhardt Construction, Inc
  • Cappuccino Café
  • Debra Hampton
  • Styles by David and Inna
  • Enterprise Rental Car
  • High Tide Pizza
  • Hollywood Beach Resort Realty
  • Hollywood Beach
  • Hong Kon Wok
  • Josh.s Organic Gardens, Inc
  • Let's Fiesta Mexican Grill
  • Linda Evans
  • My Favorite Gift Shop
  • Nat's Beach Café
  • Oceanwalk Skewers
  • O'Malley's Ocean Pub
  • Ramada Hollywood Beach Resort
  • Skate Board World
  • Sunglasses and More
  • Shop Stop
  • Special Treat
  • Sticks and Stones
  • The Styling Room
  • T-Shirt Court
  • Tucan Tango
  • Two Can Tico Patio Bar


101 North Ocean Drive
Hollywood, Florida 33019
(954) 927-6119


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