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Posted on Friday, 02.13.2009

Driving in Miami, avoid police's radars and lasers

The local Miami police authorities are responsible for enforcing speed limits. Municipalities in Miami strive to protect citizens and generate more revenue.  If you are spending your holidays in Miami or Miami Beach, follow our driving tips from our guide to driving in Miami to avoid problems.
Police use laser guns and radars in Miami to catch speeding drivers. Lasers and radars in Miami are either attached to police cars or carried by motorcycle police officers. Hidden Police officers with radars in Miami are more difficult to avoid. The city of Miami does not use fixed radar boxes like those found in other cities of the world such as in Paris, London or Geneva. Miami police aggressively protect streets from speeding drivers. Our guide to driving in Miami points out a few spots where police often plant themselves with radars in Miami and wait for speeders:

Miami Beach
Alton Road from 17th to 41st street, both directions
Alton Road from 42nd to 61st street, both directions
Pine Tree Drive between 17th to 41st, both directions

Surfside, Florida

Collins from 76th to 96th. The city of Surfside, located north of Miami Beach and South of Bal Harbour has introduced a new radar system to track speeders. Police vehicle are hiding in a parking lot and leave a thin pole with a small radar on top it is very difficult to locate if you don't know that it is there. The Parking lot is located between 91st and 90th street on Harding on the left hand side. Be careful do not over speed or be ready to pay a fine and a traffic violation. Cops in Surfside have to cover a small area and therefore are very very present and quite aggressive; the same apply to the cities of Bal Harbour and Bay Harbor. If you speed they will catch you.
Bay Harbor, Florida
On Kane Concourse: police are always there waiting for you

Bal Harbour, Florida
Collins is heavily guarded
Sunny Isles, Florida
From 163rd to 191st: you will see several police vehicles
Golden Beach, Florida
Do not speed here. Take your time and browse the superb waterfront Miami Homes.
Aventura Miami Florida
The Lehman Causeway can be very tempting. Be careful speeding here as the police is sometimes there.
Drivers in Miami will also find police officers or Florida Highway patrol officers on highways; sometimes they are hidden and sometimes they are cruising along with other vehicles. If you plan on renting a fast exotic car rental in Miami, get a radar detector to avoid trouble.  The use of radar detectors in Miami is legal.
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