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Posted on Friday, 02.20.2009 

HOV lanes in Miami, driving in Miami

In most highways, specifically in big cities, drivers may see a sign with a diamond symbol and a schedule of hours. This is an HOV lane. HOV lanes in Miami are reserved for vehicles that are occupied by more than one person (an inflatable doll does not count). The HOV lanes in Miami were implemented to restrict impact on the environment as well as to keep Florida's highways flowing.

Miami Dade replaced HOV lanes in Miami with 2 lanes that are restricted to registered car poolers driving in Miami or people driving in Miami that are willing to pay a toll.

In order to use the toll lane, you will need to purchase a Sunpass (www.sunpass.com) which will be debited every time you use the lane. The price of the toll varies according to the level of highway congestion. The more congested the highway, the more you will pay to use the lane. High Occupancy tolls, also called HOT, are designed to ease traffic. The toll cost changes according to real time traffic conditions to keep traffic flowing and driving in Miami less stressful.

Sunpasses can be ordered online or can be purchased at Publix supermarkets or CVS pharmacies. It is a prepaid toll that you can get for $5. Other benefits are that it offers quick passage as well as discounts on traditional tolls (25% less). Violations will cost you a fine of $100.


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