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Posted on Friday, 02.20.2009

Sunpass in Miami Florida, Miami City Guide

Drivers in Miami have to pay some tolls on certain portions of highways. The average cost of a toll is around $ 1. Sometimes, these tolls can create some congestion. Miami City Guide recommends that you bypass the wait and congestion by ordering a Sunpass in Miami Florida online at www.sunpass.com or at Publix Supermarkets and CVS pharmacies.

The Sunpass in Miami Florida is a prepaid device that you attach to your windshield and transmits a radio signal to sensors mounted in the toll lanes when you drive through. According to the Miami City Guide, the toll amount (less 25%) is then automatically deducted from your prepaid amount. A long beep will let you know that the transponder was recognized and the toll cost was successfully deducted.


A different signal will let you know if your credit is about to expire and needs to be replenished. The different signal may also mean that your transponder is defective or low on battery. If you pass the toll with a broken Sunpass in Miami Florida or no credit, you can be charged a $100 violation fee.
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