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Posted on Friday, 02.20.2009

Emergencies on the Road of Miami, Miami city guide

If you are renting a car, driving in Miami can be a relaxing experience when you are not in traffic but are still surrounded by beautiful cars, interesting architecture and superb creatures.

What should you do in the case of a stressful experience on the road? Miami is a big city and it is not unlikely that you will hear emergency sirens on there way to emergencies on the road of Miami indicating that they are coming your way.

As a new driver in Miami, how should you react when there are emergencies on the road of Miami? According to the Miami city guide, keep calm, pull over to the right and make way for police cars, fire trucks or ambulances.

All other drivers are to do the same in order to let the emergency vehicles by to attend to emergencies on the road of Miami. If you are closer to the left side of the street, pull over to your left. If you are at a red light and cannot pull over without running the red light, it is accepted to carefully cross and open up the passage. For other regulations, read the Miami city guide.

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