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Posted on Friday, 02.20.2009

Driving a Motorcycle or Scooter in Miami, Miami city guide

Driving a motorcycle or scooter in Miami that is more powerful than 50 cc requires a valid motorcycle license. If you come from a foreign country and your language is understood by local authorities, your license will be valid for driving a motorcycle or scooter in Miami.
If you don't have a motorcycle license you will need to drive a car or attempt to get a US motorcycle license with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Motorcyclists are not allowed to zigzag through traffic in Miami Florida. Motorists are expected to following the same traffic rules as car drivers and all other traffic laws apply just the same. Please refer to all of our Driving Miami articles in the Miami city guide.


There are a few specific rules that apply only to those driving a motorcycle or scooter in Miami. Drivers must always wear protective eyewear day and night when driving a motorcycle or scooter in Miami. The use of a helmet is optional in Miami but strongly recommended. Experience the ultimate pleasure of driving a Harley with the wind blowing in your hair. If you choose not to wear a helmet, you must wear glasses.

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