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Posted on Friday, 02.20.2009

Use of Seat Belts in Miami, Miami city guide

According to the Miami city guide, Florida law states that the use of seat belts while driving is not optional. If you do not buckle up, you risk a penalty for a traffic violation.  Miami’s different municipalities regularly conduct campaigns to ensure that Miami drivers buckle up. When vacationers visit Miami, many often decide to rent a car to get to and from their Miami vacation rentals.

Visitors in Miami often think that the use of seat belts is optional. Even many Miami locals do not like the restraint that the use of seat belts brings. The enforcement of the use of seat belts by Miami Police is quite laid back and many drivers will get by with not wearing it for years while they drive.

The use of seat belts is very important when driving in Miami and if you are here on vacation, you should make sure you enjoy your vacation and get back home in one piece. The use of seat belts saves lives and prevents injury. Visitors with no US health insurance should do their part to make sure that they don't have to get medical attention in Miami. It would be very expensive. Health care costs in the US are outrageously high. Read through the different driving regulations in the Miami city guide. 

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