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Posted on Friday, 02.20.2009

Turning Right on Red Lights in Miami, Miami city guide

You may notice that some Miami Drivers do not necessarily follow all the traffic rules as far as stopping at a stop sign, using cell phones while driving or buckling up.  However, do not be surprised if you see them turning right on red lights – this is legal. Most other US cities will also allow turning right on red lights as soon as drivers see that the coast is clear. According to the Miami city guide, when turning right on red lights, drivers are required to check all traffic signals, the pedestrian walkway and other details before proceeding. Drivers are required to:

- Yield to vehicles coming from other directions

- Give pedestrians the right of way

Sometimes, you might see a street sign that says “No Right on Red”. These specified points are an exception to the allowance of turning right on red lights.  Ignoring this sign may result in an accident or a ticket. Read the Miami city guide for additional traffic regulations. Rent some great Miami vacation rentals to make your trip as comfortable as possible.
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