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Posted on Saturday, 3.3.2010

Miami Vacation home - Miami Beach vacation rentals


Most people these days have a vacation budget and are looking for ways to spend less and get the most out of their travel money. If you are planning a family vacation to South Florida, a Miami vacation home or Miami Beach vacation rentals is the best way to spend less without going over your vacation budget.

A Miami vacation home not only has more space and amenities then a hotel but you can save you thousands. When comparing square footage on average, Miami vacation homes Miami Beach vacation rentals are priced 50 to 80% less than hotels. This allows you and your family to see and experience more on your Miami vacation while spending less.

Your family will have more space to relax and play when you stay in a Miami vacation home.  You can cook your own meals in a fully-equipped kitchen with a Miami Beach vacation rental and avoid costly hotel room service or eating out each meal.  Having a kitchen can save you hundreds of dollars which is something you can not do in a Miami hotel.

Many of the Miami vacation homes have amenities such as a private pool, a hot tub, pool table or much more which will save you money spent on entertainment if you stay in a hotel. This will also give you and your family more time to spend together playing games, swimming, and watching movies and less time spending money.

Saving with Miami Beach vacation rentals and Miami vacation homes reduces your travel budget and possibly allowing you to travel more frequently. Splitting costs with extended family or another family will also save you money.

Vacation rentals are extremely popular these days and can be found in hundreds of vacation travel sites and city guides. is the rental agency that offers the best furnished apartments in Miami and Miami Beach. Call them at 1 (305) 673.39.58 to find the best Miami vacation and corporate rentals.  |  Intercambio de Vínculos  |  Contáctenos  |  Nosotros  | 
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