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Posted on Wednesday, 04.15.2009

Before 9/11 and before the belt was tightened on US security, it was much easier to travel. Now, tourism in Miami suffers because going to Miami or Fort Lauderdale on a boat is more complicated than before. Passengers must now appear in front of US authorities at their port of entry. Use a Miami Guide to help get you around. You will spend an hour or two going to port of entries and clearing customs when you get back to Miami. Tourism in Miami suffers because a day in the Bahamas before returning to Miami is not worthwhile if you have to spend so much time traveling and clearing customs.

However, a trip of 3 days or more is definitely worth the trip to adventure and discover the real deep blue Bahamas Islands. Spend more days in Miami with a Miami Guide before you leave and/or when you return and stay in Miami vacation rentals to get the most out of the experience. Tourism in Miami is not affected when you go on extended trips. The Bahamas is a paradise for scuba divers, fishermen, beach goers and gamblers. If you are spending more than 3 days in the Bahamas, make your way towards Nassau, Harbour Island or Eleuthera and stay on a luxury yacht, a hotel in the Bahamas or rent a Bahamas vacation rental.
Check with a Miami luxury Charter specialist. He or she is up to date with the latest change in regulations. Check the Miami Guide for all other information.

Visit Bimini Bahamas
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Get your vessel ready when entering the Bahamian waters
There are a few things you should remember to do as you approach the Bahamas Islands on the Bahamian waters.

Bahamian Ports of Entry
There are several different Bahamian ports of entry that you may enter through once you arrive at the Bahamas.

Returning to the US
After 9/11, it became more difficult and complicated to clear customs when returning to the US from the Bahamas.

Grand Bahamas Ferry
Sail to Grand Bahama Island any day (other than Wednesdays) on Discovery Cruise Line, the largest carrier to Grand Bahama Island.  |  Intercambio de Vínculos  |  Contáctenos  |  Nosotros  | 
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