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South Beach is a preferred Spring Break destination. The main reason of this is that South Beach has one of the best nightlife and night clubs in the country. Therefore, the historic South Beach Art Deco District is well-known for its trendy sidewalk cafes, modern restaurants and non stop nightlife. An ideal destination for those escaping winter! South Beach Spring Break is popular among models, celebrities, and of course rock stars.

Miami Beach is also home for the largest dance music event in the country. If you are planning to be in Miami from March 19th to the 26th, catch the Winter Music Festival or one of the many promotional events staged around the conference.

There is nothing like staying at one of the many South Beach hotels and vacation condos. During the day you can enjoy beautiful Miami beaches by lying peacefully in the sun and drinking in a tropical beverage. Then at sunset, you can hit Miami night clubs. Have in mind one thing: This city never sleeps!

Two suggestions during South Beach Spring Break: Make sure everyone in your party is 21 and make sure that you have enough money to enjoy your stay. It is not easy to get inside the most popular clubs, so is someone in your group is under 21 you are at risk of stay outside. Sometimes money can be tie, so try to not spend madly and have enough money during your whole stay. We are going to give some useful tips to save money in South Beach.

South Beach Spring Break rules:

  • You can drink on the beach, but no glass bottles are allowed!
  • Florida does not allow open containers of alcoholic beverages in vehicles or within 50 feet of a public thoroughfare.
  • Try to go to night clubs and restaurant that are friendly with Spring Breakers. Although, most places in South Beach are, there are some exceptions.
  • Plan to attend the Miami Winter Music Festival or the Miami Ultra Music Festival, those two events in Miami promise lots of fun and good music.
  • Spend your day on the beach or at pool parties at the South Beach hotels.
  • There are corporate sponsored events during the day by MTV, Playboy and Grils Gone Wild. Those events are mostly located in hotels.
  • It might be good to book a hotel room or vacation rental with kitchen to be able to sleep late and save some money in food.
  • The drinking age in Florida is 21 but you can get into the bars and clubs if you are at least 18.
  • There is not any "fast food" beachside; consequently, you have to go to Collins Avenue, Washington Avenue or Lincoln Road to get affordable “fast food”. Your budget will be affected, otherwise.


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